12 Jun ’13


Take a look at some of the news features here

Delhi Mumbai Corridor: how the world’s largest infrastructure project is uprooting Indian farmers – The Guardian

Why Journalists Are Leaving India’s Chhattisgarh – BBC

Chhattisgarh’s Women Complain Of Sexual Assault by Security Forces – Scroll.in

Bhopal: The Tragedy Lives on, 30 years later – Al Jazeera America

How India’s Biggest Forest is Dying – Scroll.in

The Problem of Human Trafficking – The New York Times

In Mumbai, the $50,000 Slum Shack – The New York Times

Female Contraception, India’s lethal method – Al Jazeera America

Explaining the Khap Panchayats – The New York Times

The Untamed Surrogacy Industry in India – Al Jazeera America

An Underworld Don turns Social Activist – YAHOO

Coal Mining: Who Should Do It? – Scroll.in

New Farming Methods in Bihar – The New York Times

Rise, Fall And Stubborn Survival of Filmfare – The Caravan

Meet The Freegans – OPEN Magazine

Keeping Sanskrit Alive On Newsprint – The New York Times

A Home Away From Home – The Hindu

Snapshots From a World of Pain and Exile – South China Morning Post

A Walk With The Lions – National Geographic Traveller

A Tainted Tradition – The Hindu