11 Jun ’13



A promo of my upcoming documentary on the Rationalists in India. A group that puts scientific reason over religion also endorses tolerance. Hence, this group is crucial in maintaining India’s secular fabric. Except, they are invisible in popular consciousness.

50,000 landless people marched to Delhi from Gwalior, called it ‘Jan Satyagraha’ (people’s movement) – for framing a National Land Reforms Policy.

Delhi’s water crisis recurs every summer, only as a bigger menace. Scientists are now proposing the use of plants and micro-organisms to help in sewage treatment, which would in turn help with better ground water tables and a greater availability of useable water to the public. This method of bioremediation, experts claim, can reduce the crippling water crisis significantly.

The story was published in Tehelka

How do people get rid of the ghosts of their past? I visited the town of Oswiecim on the outskirts of which lie the former death camps of Auschwitz, and asked the question: Is history ever past?  This story was published in the website Journey to Auschwitz

After 2000 years, Jews of Indian origin have come  full circle. Just as they had struggled to keep their Jewish culture alive in India, they are now struggling to keep their Indian culture alive in Israel. An attempt to document the dual identities of Indian Jews in Israel. This story was published in the website Covering Sacred Ground

A breakthrough in the Palestinian territories. Two largest political parites have agreed to form a unity government. But, who is to benefit from it and how long will it last?

Despite Gaza and the West Bank witnessing demonstrations that have been similar to other Arab nations – why haven’t democracy activists been able to ruffle a lot of feathers? A report from the West Bank.

Increasing instability and the fact that the Arab world is not familiar with Western media, has sadly cost the lives of those brave journalists who work on the frontlines. A report on how difficult it is to pick up a pen or a camera in certain regions.

A close look at how internet helps advance the living without money. Virtual penniless lives.

As was Tahrir Square, so was Little Egypt, New York. Egyptian-Americans celebrate their sweet victory the moment they hear the news of President Mubarak stepping down. A report from Astoria, New York City.

More and more people are swiping credit cards these days, and that means the opportunity for stealing credit card numbers is higher. Taking you into the credit card underworld. This story was published on Columbia News Tonight

Minority parties  in New York fear that the introduction of the new voting machines would affect them negatively. A report on the New York 2010 elections.