12 Jun ’13


Published Photo Essays:

The Ancient Art of Pigeon Rearing Lives On – The New York Times (September 2012)

A Journey Through the Valley of Flowers – The New York Times (September 2012)


Uncategorised Photographs by Raksha Kumar


The Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Promanade, New York, USA
Docking the Ellis Island Ferry, New York, USA
A full view of the Apollo (Saturn V) at the Kennedy Space Centre, Houston, USA
Norbulingka Institute of Art in Dharamshala, Himchal Pradesh, India
Serene Wayland Beach, Massachusetts, USA
A photographer clicks, as a couple stage a kiss in Wahington Square Park, NYC, USA
Bear Lake, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA
En route to Inverness, Scotland
The British Parliament, London, UK
Diveagar Beach, Maharastra, India
City Walls of the Roman Period, York, UK
Auro Beach, Pondicherry, India
The remanant of the Berlin Wall preserved at the ‘Topography of Terror’ site, Berlin, Germany
The Last Kremlin Flag exhibited in Berlin, Germany
First line of barbed wire around the Nazi camps in Auschwitz, Poland