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Despair over Kashmir’s young offenders


Delhi Mumbai Corridor: how the world's largest infrastructure project is uprooting Indian farmers.


How Uygurs and Tibetans found unity in Kashmir


Why journalists are leaving India's Chhattisgarh


Women take southern India's drought into their own hands – one shovel at a time


In Rural Haryana, Women Blamed for Rape Where Men Make the Rules


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Raksha Kumar is a multimedia journalist focusing on human rights.  She reports for The New York TimesBBCGuardianForeign AffairsForeign PolicyOpen DemocracySouth China Morning and The Hindu.

This website showcases Raksha’s work from 11 countries and across 23 states in India. Her focus areas are land and forest rights of the most vulnerable communities. Since these issues cannot be looked at in isolation, Raksha found herself increasingly reporting on armed conflict around resource extraction.

In 2015, she wrote, shot and directed a documentary film on Rationalists in Contemporary India, which was aired by India’s public broadcaster, Doordarshan.  READ MORE.

Latest under Land & Forest

Land & Forest
August 3, 2020

How a Year Under Lockdown Has Left Kashmiris Vulnerable to Land Grabbing

The Indian Government placed the country's northernmost state under curfew in August 2019. Unable to work, locals have been unable to pay rent—leading many to sell their land. Haider Drabu…
Land & Forest
July 13, 2020

‘It is more than just losing our homes’

Photo: CJP Nivada Rana, who belongs to the Tharu tribe, lives within the Dudhwa National Park, which sits on the India-Nepal border. Although unlettered and unaware of the law, her…
Land & Forest
November 1, 2019

This Dalit woman from Bihar faked her death to protect her land

In many parts of Bihar, as indeed in most of India, a Dalit owning land is seen as an act of defiance, and Dalit women especially face the brunt of…
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Latest under Features

January 19, 2022

India’s tech sector has a caste problem

“My teammates tolerate me, but I will never be one of them”: Indian tech workers report prejudice and discrimination based on their caste. hen Manoj began his first job at…
July 4, 2021

From debt to depression, the pandemic has hit India’s sex workers hard

Since the pandemic broke, India’s roughly nine lakh female sex workers are out of work, steeped in debt, and at risk from the virus Sex workers in Mumbai’s Kamathipura queueing…
April 26, 2021

‘I have never seen so many patients die.’ India plunges into coronavirus crisis.

The situation is so bad that people are hoarding oxygen, and crematoriums can’t cope with demand. epa09132234 Indian doctors wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) examine patients inside a COVID 19…
September 29, 2020

How Much Is Your Household Work Worth. An Indian Case Study

Around the world, women do more household work than men. Feminist economists have wondered how to quantify this work in monetary terms for a long time now.   In India,…
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Latest under Multimedia

May 3, 2018

How people in Chellakere have lost their livelihood to India’s ‘secret nuclear city’.

It is easy to miss the town of Challakere on the National Highway 48 between Bengaluru and Chitradurga. Easier still to not notice the small road that deviates to the…
November 20, 2016

An Invisible Minority: Rationalists in Contemporary India

A promo of my documentary on the Rationalists in India. A group that puts scientific reason over religion also endorses tolerance. Hence, this group is crucial in maintaining India’s secular…
January 15, 2013

A Long March to Land Reforms

50,000 landless people marched to Delhi from Gwalior, called it ‘Jan Satyagraha’ (people’s movement) – for framing a National Land Reforms Policy.

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